agricultural building to residential dwelling

At a site located between St Giles on Heath and Launceston, we had a recent success at appeal, for a Change of Use of an agricultural building and land within its curtilage to two semi-detached dwellings of equal portion and dimensions under Part 3, Class Q. (a) of the Order. 

By addressing all the points outlined in the legalisation for the application, the Inspectorate concluded, “With reference to the limitations set down by paragraph Q.1. of Class Q of Part 3 to Schedule 2 of the GPDO, insofar as these apply to permitted development under Class Q (a), I am satisfied that the proposal meets the requirements for the change of use of the building, and the proposed curtilage, from agriculture to two dwellinghouses.”

We are particularly pleased with the outcome of this application after reading that Torridge District Council (TDC) advised Planning Resource magazine that, "in the early days of the right, the council had a high refusal rate.”