7 top tips to follow when applying for planning permission


Some good advice to consider when applying for any sort of planning permission ...

1. Enter into early dialogue with the local planning authority.

2. Remember to plan well in advance. The planning application process may take longer than you think. The statutory deadline for determining an application is 8 weeks (13 weeks for major developments)

3. Speak with any neighbours that may be affected by the proposals. Early engagement may prevent objections, and do demonstrate where any concessions have been made to accommodate their concerns in your final application.

4. Be flexible with your design and location. Making amendments to the design or location may be the difference between obtaining consent and having an application refused.

5. Consider using professionals to assist with the application – e.g. experienced architects and planning consultants.

6. Be aware of the costs involved – planning application fees are based on the size of the floor-space of a structure, whether a stable or manège.

7. Emphasise the benefits of your proposal – such as if the new facility brings job creation for the local community, if and how it is supporting the local economy, is fulfilling a local need, and particularly if the construction itself will use any local businesses when it is being built and also when completed.