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Draft Revised National Planning Policy Framework Summary

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June 27, 2017

The Raynsford Review

The Raysnford Review of Planning has been set up to identify how the Government can reform the English planning system to make it fairer, better resourced and capable of producing quality outcomes, while still encouraging the production of new homes.

It will be informed by a task force chaired by former planning minister Nick Raynsford and will include politicians, housing providers, developers, consultants, academics and the public.

Evidence will be collected over an 18-month period (beginning in late June 2017) and formally presented at all major party conferences in autumn 2018.

Source: Town and Country Planning Association.

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February 13, 2017


On the 7 February 2017 the Government published the Housing White Paper which identifies the way in which the availability and affordability of housing will be strengthened by the delivery of between 225,000-275,000 houses a year.

The approach set out within the White Paper seeks to address the identified issues within Local Planning Authorities and the Housing Industry and sets out the proposed approach under 4 headings with proposals to address each;

1. Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places

2.Building Homes Faster

3. Diversifying the Market

4.Helping people Now


Interestingly the Government is looking at allowing LPAs to increase fees for planning applications by 20% where this will be spend directly on resources for Planning Departments with an option for a further 20% increase in certain circumstances, and the introduction of fees for appeals.

The real test of this approach is whether the Planning system actually works quicker or just ends up absorbing the additional money generated with no discernible improvement in positive outcomes.

There is a potential tension between having higher densities and ‘garden’ villages and towns.

There is a continued emphasis on developing ‘Brownfield’ land first although this is less of an option in rural areas.

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